Hey everyone,

Wow, okay, so they really went ahead with deleting CS:GO. This is a big change and not entirely what I was expecting. Let's take a moment to discuss how this will affect Yprac and your overall experience.

It's crucial to understand that CS2 is not just a reskinned CS:GO, it's an entirely new game that runs on a different engine. Consequently, this means that all community maps and modes, including the Yprac practice modes, will need to be reconstructed from the ground up.

The absence of a scripting API in CS2 currently makes it difficult to implement smart spawning, dynamic movement, time measurement, and a range of other features core to the Yprac experience.

So, until Valve rolls out their scripting API for CS2, expect certain features to be missing. If anyone comes across any updates or workarounds concerning CS2's scripting support, please let me know on Discord or Twitter.

Premium supporters make Yprac possible and enable me to invest more time into developing new features. For those of you who are already premium members, please consider if you want to pause or continue your membership during this transitional period.

I'm proud to have designed and implemented many unique practice modes for CS:GO over the years, and I plan to bring them into the CS2 era eventually. I'm currently working on adapting Yprac for CS2 in the ways that I can and I aim to roll out some updates in the coming months.

I'm grateful for your ideas, thoughts, and support during this transitional period.

All the best,