The release of the CS2 workshop makes it much easier for mappers to showcase the amazing environments they are creating with the new tools.

Unfortunately, there are still some tools I used to use in CS:GO that are currently unavailable in CS2. I made heavy use of the CS:GO VScript API, which allowed mappers and server owners to customize the game using code. For example, I used it to create:

Smart spawning - so that bots, spheres and other targets could spawn anywhere in the world, and not just on a set grid of spawn points.

Dynamic movement - and perfect replay of recorded movement, having targets move like humans do.

Tracking tasks - using the forward vector of the player to measure how well they could follow moving targets.

Results logging - measuring time, accuracy, and a range of other measures, enabling rich progress tracking and leaderboards.

There are many features like these that are impossible to implement without coding, and that's why I haven't been able to port any of my modes to CS2 yet.

The CS:GO VScript implementation wasn't great. It had a lot of shortcomings that you had to work around to produce a reliable system. A new scripting API for CS2 could be a fresh start, more robust and enable new things.

But, until such an API is released, expect CS2 practice maps to keep lacking many of the features you were used to in GO.

I'll stay tuned for updates, if you also want to keep up-to-date or have any questions, please feel free to reach out on Discord

Let's stay positive during this transitional period.

All the best,